How YAG laser helps in achieving clear vision?

YAG laser capsulotomy is the means of restoring clear vision after cataract surgery most efficiently in a simple and non-invasive process. It is specially carried out when patients report hazy and blurry vision after the cataract removal surgery.

During the cataract surgery, the intraocular lens is removed which becomes cloudy and leads to vision problems in the first place and replaced with an implant lens. Once it has been removed, the cataract cannot recur; however, the thin membrane that holds the implant lens in place sometimes becomes hazy due to which blurry vision can be experienced. In such a situation, the eye surgeon will perform a YAG laser to ensure clear vision and enjoy the fruits of cataract surgery most easily.

All the eye specialist will do is call the patient at the clinic and use a special laser to create a small opening in the thin membrane without affecting the implant lens and the patient will experience clearer vision after a short time.

YAG laser is only required by people who go through cataract removal surgery and need to get rid of the eye problems that they are experiencing. Even though it has numerous benefits as it helps to clear the vision and get rid of the glare that comes from lights, yet going through this surgery can cause a minor problem which can be rectified with this YAG capsulotomy.

The good thing about this procedure is that it is very safe and during the surgery, the natural lens inside the eye that becomes cloudy and causes vision problems is removed.

What makes YAG the best choice?

  • It is the best treatment in this regard as it helps to remove the hazy posterior capsule from the patient’s line of sight without making any incision or even touching the eye tissue.
  • This process is carried by an expert and qualified ophthalmologist and just takes a few minutes, is entirely pain free and is a one-time job which benefits patients.
  • The patients will feel improvement in the quality of their vision either immediately or within the next few days.
  • The patients are able to resume their daily activities after resting for a few hours when they feel their vision is clear.
  • The light is only delivered to the point of focus that does not cause any harm to the tissue through which it passes.

The YAG technology can right be called the miracle machine as it delivers quick and effective results and offers drastic medical assistance to people suffering from a vision problem. The patients are advised to come back for follow-up checkups to get their eyes checked by the specialist post-surgical procedure. The doctor might also prescribe anti-glaucoma and anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent intraocular pressure. There will be no need for any bandage and patching and the patient will not require any other assistance which makes it the most convenient and simple process that actually works.

It is important for the patients to visit their doctor before this procedure and understand how this works to know how they can achieve the best results and clear vision.

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