How to Buy the Perfect Backpack For Your Next Travel Destination In 2019

buy perfect backpack for travel

Choosing the correct travel backpack is an essential part of planning your trip. If it is a little big, you will have to carry extra weight with you, or you may not take it with you on an airplane. If it is too small, you will never be able to fit all your stuff. Choose the wrong material, and your stuff will get wet in the rain.

There are plenty of bags out there in the market, and it can be very challenging to purchase the correct one. There is actually a science in understanding the most appropriate travel backpack, and how can you purchase it.

There are a variety of backpacks all around the world, and even more places where you can conveniently purchase one. However, how do you reach to understanding in finalizing the right custom backpack for yourself? Let’s find out.

What Should You Look in a Decent Travel Backpack?

The best backpacks are the ones that the longest without any damage regardless of how rough you use it are the best travel backpacks. These backpacks should have all the below mentioned characteristics that make them long-lasting, hard-wearing, and safeguards your products from the rain. If you are purchasing custom backpacks for yourself, consider these points.

1) Lock Zippers – When buying a backpack for yourself, always ensure that each compartment in the bag has two zippers so that you can lock them together. While you may not be worried about people opening up your bag and stealing your dirty clothes, you should always lock your bag during traveling.

When buying locks for your backpacks, always ensure that the locks are TSA friendly. Since these locks have a particular release valve that permits the TSA to open the lock without causing it any damage when they inspect your bag at the airport. You can easily buy TSA approved locks from retail stores like Walmart, Target, etc.

However, if your bag does not have two zippers, Pacsafe covers a lock-based mesh around your backpack and can be easily attached to a large object. This enables your staff to stay safe without any particular damage whatsoever.

2) Water-Proof Material – While your backpacks should not always be 100% waterproof, ensure that you purchase backpacks made from semi water-proof materials so that your stuff doesn’t get wet in the drizzle. Most traveling backpacks are loaded with tarps allowing you to cover your bag in case of heavy rainfall. Always ensure that the material is not wet for a long time. This may cause your stuff to get damaged or tampered permanently.

3) Multiple Compartments & Shoulder Straps – Shoulder straps allow you to manage your load efficiently as most of the weight of your custom backpacks pushes down to the shoulders. The pads in the shoulder straps allow decreased pressure on the shoulders of the wearer, making it more comfortable and convenient. Unlike shoulder straps, multiple compartments can segregate your personal stuff, allowing you to store efficiently. A backpack that doesn’t have multiple compartments shouldn’t be called a backpack at all.

For instance, when traveling with a backpack, you can divide your clothes in the main compartment, followed by your tech accessories, in another, slippers and shoes in another, and so on. Having multiple compartments on your bag allows you to store your stuff productively and lets you manage efficiently.

Does Size Matter When Buying A Backpack?

This is probably the most frequently asked question of all time. Everybody is concerned about the perfect size and what size is ideal for traveling. To be honest, the answer is that all sizes matter and vary from one backpack to another. What’s important, however, is that it should be proportional to your height and weight. If your bag is either too small or too big, the chances are that you will not be able to balance it properly. You wouldn’t want a tower rising from your back, and also don’t want a bag that is small, creating problems for you.

Choose backpacks according to your needs and pack it wisely. If you like big-sized backpacks, go for it, if you like the smaller ones, go for it as well. Also, read this article on a travel blog.

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